We are using a production planning software that we can manage the entire process of production and other efficient softwares on pattern design. Thus, we save time and cost.

Fashion/Retail PLM is a comprehensive product life cycle solution developed for clothing, accessory, shoes and home textile retailers. PLM, which enables the entire product management from Planning and Design phase to Supply and Production, allows us to manage the process quickly and most correctly by getting right and on time information from all the actors within and outside the company. PLM is a methodology, strategy and a mind which results in difference, thus leadership.

PLM suggests 3 things to companies:
Be innovative. Create a more efficient environment for design, which is a prior condition for developing more and newer products. Collaborate. With PLM Solutions, access all skills and savings within the company or your extended enterprise, which consists of the company, seller and suppliers. Integrate. Share the created content so it will speed the process up and use it so it will amplify your power.

Efficiency in die design. More operation in fewer steps
Optimized modelshop processes- Once the models are approved, designs are ready for manufacturing.
Correct fabric cost and order- Spreadings’ cost reports are calculated with the actual design’s information.
Safe data Exchange with your solution partners- Other CAD systems, directly linked interface with other applications and devices.